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Day Services

Facility Based Employment

South Valley Training Partners with several companies within our community to provide light assembly and packaging work for our individuals. Facility based employment is a valuable tool for teaching life skills, employment skills, responsibility, team work and is a great source of pride and accomplishment. Our Individuals have  choices from a variety of contracts to keep them stimulated and learning new things everyday. Each individual works hard to earn their own paycheck and our community partners value the quality of our production and their association with us!

Community Activities

South Valley Training provides a variety of community activities for those interested. Activities include things such as services in the community- senior center, library, public transportation, etc. We also offer opportunities to access their community the same way anyone else would. Such as go grab lunch, run to the coffee shop, or grab a snack.

In House Activities

South Valley Training offers a variety of learning and fun opportunities for our participants. Some of these include favored leisure activities, knitting club, book club, recipe club, mile masters walking group, bingo and other games.

There are also a variety of learning opportunities and classes offered that include sign language class, cooking classes, first aid-personal hygiene and safety committee. 

South Valley loves to celebrate every holiday and every special occasion! We have an annual talent show, St. Patrick's Day dance, summer party, and Christmas social as well as several barbecues throughout the year. We celebrate everybody's birthday each month with a special cake day celebration. 

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Giving Back

South Valley believes in giving back to the community. One of our ongoing projects is our knitting club. They knit hats, scarves and blankets - hundreds every year! They go to help our local shelters; Salt Lake Mission, Road Home and Mission of Salt Lake.

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