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Mission: South Valley strives to help people lead self determined lives. 

South Valley Training Company began in 1985 as a service for individuals aging out of school. The program was developed as a service for people to use during the day when they previously had been in school. It functioned under a token economy with activities that provided training for practice skills. Over the years it has evolved into what it is today - a multilayered program designed to the meet the needs of each individual served through their Person Centered Plan. Today people do real work for pay and participate in a variety of in house and community activities. Our facility based employment program does light assembly and packaging for several local companies. (Click our Services page to meet our community partners.) Our community activities program offers a variety of experiences in the community including use of community services, as well as social and entertainment experiences. Our community employment department partners with DSPD and Vocational Rehab to provide competitive community employment services. 

Learn more about our 100% Community Based  pilot  program coming soon. 


501C Non-Profit Organization

Board of Directors 


Department Leads

Support Specialists

Direct Support Professionals

Kristine Hammond - Board Chair

Jan Felix

Genine Fultcher

Jackie Olson-Executive Director

Cindy Hunt-Business Manager


Tiffany Wade-Program Manager

Iva Fenstermaker-Senior S.S.

Hope Kerbs- HR Manager

Cassidy Kerbs- Community Employment

Reo Olson - Project Manager

Nadean Miler- Assis Project Manager

Jenny Dizzazo - Health and Safety

Mindy Franklin-Bowen - Transportation Manager

Tiffany Wade

Iva Fenstermaker

Nadean Miler

Samantha Fenstermaker
Chantelle Allen

Katie Read

Sharareh Barimani

Jordann Martinez

Dylan Rood

Mindy Burrows

Shantel Tolman

Gerald Sibert

Brynna Christenson

Kellie Rodriguez

Brooke Parkinson

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