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Car Wash Success

We want to give a big shout out to all that came and supported us in the car wash. It was such a huge success. We are so grateful for all who joined in and helped make it it happen. You are all amazing and the clients had such a great time. again thank you and we really appreciate the support.   

Come Join Our Fundraiser


We are always accepting donations for

Paper plates

Plastic utensils


Plastic Cups

Adult diapers

Baby wipes

Cleaning supplies

Craft products

Shirts and pants of all sizes

  For a more detailed list click on our Amazon wish list. Thank you! 

Our Wish List of Needs

IF you shop on Amazon consider adding us to your AMAZON SMILE account.

We also have an Amazon wish list of things we could use as we develop new sensory rooms, activity planning and change our program to accommodate some new exciting changes. 

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