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As Covid-19 continues to affect our program, we are looking for some extra support and hoping you would love to donate to our program. 

If you would like to donate we have a paypal account, are in need of supplies such as cleaning items, paper products, craft items and pots and pans (and other baking supplies) for cooking classes. 

Also we have a "Go Fund Me" Page!! Please go to Go Fund Me Charity and search South Valley Training Company.  Please share on your social media and with your friends and family!! Or simply hit the DONATE NOW on this site. this will take you over to the GO FUND ME CHARITY SITE!!! 

Our Wish List of Needs

IF you shop on Amazon consider adding us to your AMAZON SMILE account.

We also have an Amazon wish list of things we could use as we develop new sensory rooms, activity planning and change our program to accommodate some new exciting changes. 

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